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Hank and Lisa Pomeranz on a Yacht Welcome to our website. We’re glad you’re here.

We’re Hank and Lisa Pomeranz, residents of beautiful Southport, North Carolina, and owners of Carolina Yacht Care, LLC (cYc). Together, we bring over 50 years of boating experience and a passion for boats of all kinds to cYc. For us, it’s all about being out on the water – power or sail, ocean, ICW, river or lake.

At the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean (with deep water shipping channel), the Cape fear River and AICW, Southport is an ideal stopover for transients and a wonderful environment for local boaters.

Our Goal for Carolina Yacht Care is:

To improve the Southport boating experience for locals and transients alike, by offering outstanding new or improved services to both.


Our initial offerings include:


How Did cYc Come About?

In 2012 we decided to close our business as consultants (beltway bandits, in the Washington DC vernacular) and so, in November, we departed the Chesapeake Bay and headed south on our 30 year old sloop, Haanli, a Tatoosh 42.

Our plan was to simply to take that long planned cruise south for the winter. cYc wasn’t even a gleam in our eyes at the time.

Our journey, which included a time at our home in Southport to provision and take care of business, lasted 6 months and took us down the coast to South Florida and over to the Bahamas.

Typical of many of our fellow cruisers, we traveled both offshore and on the AICW, visiting some 17 cities and towns, talking with fellow boaters and marina operators and gaining our own cruiser’s perspective on what makes for excellent service to both local and transient boaters.
We learned that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a trawler, sport fishing boat, sailing vessel, cabin cruiser, etc. We all have the same basic needs and desires when we stop at a marina, mooring field or anchorage.

We also learned of the importance of ActiveCaptain, the Salty Southeast Cruiser’s Net and other services where we could learn about ports, facilities and services and provide our own insight into the body of knowledge.

When you read the reviews you realize that, with rare exception, as boaters, we’re pretty easy to please. We don’t demand much but we appreciate friendly and helpful staffs, clean facilities, conveniences such as shuttle or loaner car to help with logistics, washer/dryer, availability of quality mechanical and electrical services, – well you know the list.

So, cYc became a gleam in the eye towards the end of our cruise, when Lisa wondered aloud whether some of the excellent services we had encountered along the way might be appreciated and/or needed in Southport. Our gut told us yes.

On our return, we spoke with local marina operators and boaters to collect some hard facts and “sanity check” our ideas.

While one could easily argue that “sanity” and starting this new business may be mutually exclusive, we decided to go for it anyway and cYc was born.

So, please peruse our offerings and let us know how we can be of service. And don’t hesitate to call or drop us a note if there are additional services you think would make Southport an even better destination or home port.

Thanks for visiting,

Hank and Lisa

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