Mail – Pack and Ship

As cruisers we know that the logistics of mail and packing and shipping can sometimes be a challenge. We can help. Whether your plans bring you to Southport for a fuel stop, overnight stay, or a longer visit to our beautiful town, let us be your convenient one stop location for mail and/or receiving and shipping your items while in the Southport area

If you need to have your mail or package(s) “meet” you in Southport

cYc mail holding and delivery services Simply have the postal service temporarily forward your mail or have the shipper ship to the following address: Your Vessel Name, c/o cYc, 5114 Prices Creek Dr, Southport, NC 28461. Then drop us an email with your contact info, including email and phone number and anticipated arrival date (close is good enough). Once you hit the Southport area, let us know where and when you would like your mail and/or package(s) delivered and we will deliver directly to your boat – whether at a marina or anchorage.

Flat fee for mail delivery is $15 to your marina or $20 to you anchorage.

Cash, Visa, MasterCard and DISCOVER card accepted.

Pack and Ship

USPS and FEDEX are located in Southport. UPS maintains Drop Boxes throughout the area. No matter your preferred shipping carrier, we can assist by providing packing materials (from boxes to bubble wrap to tape, labels and sharpies) or we can take care of the entire packing and shipping process for you.

Just email us here or call (910) 742-0083 when you are in Southport and require our services and we’ll work with you to get your packages shipped.

Fee will be cost of materials and shipping plus $20. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and DISCOVER accepted.

If you need more than a mail/package service or local knowledge, we invite you to check out the following services to enhance your visit:

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Recommend and/or Arrange and Schedule Services

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