Recommend and/or Arrange and Schedule Services

One of our most daunting challenges while cruising was knowing who to call in an unfamiliar town when we needed marine services. Is the contractor reliable, known for excellent work quality, stand by his/her work?

Recommend Services

Recommended local Southport businesses Consider cYc your local knowledge. We will recommend contractors based on quality of local reputation. Because we have no financial ties to any service providers, we only have your best interests at heart.

As fellow cruisers we will be happy to share our local knowledge and recommend quality local marine contractors (businesses we trust) who are capable of handling your needs – whether hull work (Below and above the waterline), deck, cabin, electrical, electronic, or mechanical.

No fee, of course.

Arrange and Schedule Services

Want to have a qualified contractor meet you at the pier when you get to Southport but your internet search isn’t giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling? Tell us your problem (mechanical, electrical, electronic, etc.,) and we will arrange and schedule one or more contractors to meet you when you get here. We’ll even come down ourselves and help coordinate.

Simply call us at (910) 742-0083 or drop us an email here and provide the following information:

  • Your vessel type and name
  • Anticipated arrival date in Southport – keep us updated as the arrival date and location becomes more clear.
  • Type of problem (Be specific – For example: My Raymarine E80 chart plotter display is not functioning or, My Yanmar diesel dies only when I’m going through a narrow inlet at low tide, or I believe something is wrapped around my shaft/prop. Need diver to check it out).
  • Manufacturer specific information is applicable – make, model, year, horsepower, etc.

We will coordinate with you to state the nature of your problem as specifically as possible to ensure we enlist the help of a correct service provider(s).

Fee to arrange and schedule services is a flat $30. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and DISCOVER card accepted.

If you need more than assistance with services or local knowledge, we invite you to check out the following services to enhance your visit:

Vessel MonitoringStorm Watch and Vessel PreparationCrew ServicesProvisioningShuttleMail – Pack and Ship


Serving the Southport City dock and Yacht basin, St. James Marina, South Harbor Village Marina, Indigo Plantation Marina, Southport Marina, Deep Point Marina, Baldhead Island Marina and local anchorages.
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