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cYc is pleased to announce its 2018 Weather Seminar Offerings for Yacht Clubs, Marinas and other Groups Interested in Learning About the Weather

Now scheduling for 2018/2019!
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Basic Weather for Mariners ALL-DAY Seminar – Just $99!

The Basic Weather for Mariners Seminar is a one-day seminar designed to provide boaters with an understanding of basic marine meteorology.

Some of our topics:

BASIC METEOROLOGY including Description of the atmosphere, role of moisture and cloud formation,
types of clouds, basic concepts of pressure and winds and relation to weather systems, jet stream
and other upper atmospheric features impacting our weather, and more.

CHARTS – Interpreting weather charts – Highs/lows/fronts/troughs, weather symbology and more.

FORECASTING – Winds, seas, fog, rain, thunderstorms, local winds such as sea breeze…

WEATHER SITES – Efficient use of NOAA Weather sites and other resources

All focused on your geographical area

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Wind Forecasting for Racing and Cruising Sailors – HALF-DAY Seminar – Just $49!

Improve your sailing experience and racing tactics with this half-day seminar concentrating on short term forecasting of local weather and its effects on short term changes in the wind. Discussion includes:

• the basics of lake breezes, land breezes, thunderstorms, clouds and other dynamics that produce localized and short-term changes in the wind

• ways to judge the likelihood, strength and duration of headers/lifts

• a methodology for observing the wind and using on-line resources to develop your own forecast

• strategies for using your wind-forecasting knowledge to your advantage, whether you are a day sailor, cruiser or serious racer

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Weather and Ocean Models – HALF-DAY Seminar – Just 49!

– A half-day seminar discussing model output, limitations and interpretation. Discussion of GRIB Files and other excellent model output sources.
The workshop combines classroom instruction, case studies, and hands-on forecasting exercises to create an engaging learning experience.

Oriental Attendees may download a PDF of the presentation material flyer here.


About Hurricanes and Hurricane Preparation – HALF-DAY Seminar – Just $49!

– A half-day seminar discussing the science behind hurricanes, historical statistics, demonstration of storm surge models used by emergency managers and insurance industry best practices for securing your vessel.

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About Your Instructors

Hank Pomeranz
Hank has been boating for 40 years. He retired from the Navy with 32 years operational meteorology experience and graduated from several advanced Navy Meteorology and Oceanography schools. As owner/skipper of a 42′ sloop, Hank brings blue water and AICW experience to the seminar. Hank owns Carolina Yacht Care, LLC, a Southport business, provides daily Weather and Navigation briefs to transient boaters during the spring and fall transient seasons and teaches about hurricanes and vessel preparedness to local groups.

Kim Curry
Kim brings nearly 45 years of operational meteorological and oceanographic experience as a sea-going Naval Officer and senior civilian to the seminar. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Meteorology (University of Utah), and a Master’s Degree in Meteorology and Oceanography (Naval Postgraduate School). He has also been a Meteorological instructor at the Naval Postgraduate School and University of Maryland. Kim is a Certified USCG Auxiliary Vessel Safety Examiner and has crewed on offshore and AICW passages.

Now scheduling for 2018 and 2019!
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Recent Seminars/Presentations

October 13, 2017 at Hampton Snowbird RendezvousCoastal weather prediction – How to use the available apps and websites to manage weather forecasting as you move along the coast.


Seminar Reviews

“Very well done – 2 very knowledgeable and excellent presenters – relaxed, confident and fun”

“Excellent class. Worth more than paid!”

“Great. Really well done. Thank you.”

“I am very interested in learning more, please add me to your seminar mailing list. NICE JOB!! Enjoyed it.


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