cYc’s Watchdog Vessel Monitoring Service©

Are you away from your vessel for long periods and worry about how she’s doing?

We monitor your vessel’s condition when you can’t!

Serving all Southport area marinas including BHI, Deep Point, Southport Marina, Indigo Plantation, South Harbour Village and St. James.


Our Philosophy

"You, your vessel’s cYc caretaker, your marina and service personnel are a team – dedicated to the well being of your vessel."


Man Overboard system needs to be secured

Man Overboard system needs to be secured.

What exactly is Watchdog Vessel Monitoring Service©?

A thorough, weekly (unless otherwise arranged) monitoring and reporting of your vessels’ condition. You get peace of mind knowing your pride and joy is being looked after in your absence.


How It Works:

Starting the Service

Line Chafe on gunnel Watchdog Service

Line Chafe on gunnel.

We will start by collecting pertinent owner and vessel information. Click here for a sample owner and vessel information sheet. (Requires Adobe Reader) Adobe Reader

We’ll then have a follow up conversation to answer any questions you may have.

Once you decide to engage us, cYc assigns someone to be your vessel’s primary “caretaker”. This is a most critical 1st step. This person will become intimately familiar with your boat and it is important that you trust him or her implicitly. Your caretaker is part of a team – dedicated to the well being of your vessel.

We start with a basic checklist. Click here for a sample. (Requires Adobe Reader)

Then, because every vessel is different and each owner has priorities, we work together to tailor the checklist to you and your vessel’s needs.

Working together to tailor the checklist means that vessel owner/skipper and cYc will conduct a joint tour of the vessel to familiarize cYc with the vessel, agree to our basic check list or modify it to remove unnecessary items or add additional ones. The end result of this visit will be an agreed upon checklist, specific to your vessels’ unique characteristics. That checklist then becomes part of the contract between you and cYc.

During the familiarization visit we will also establish the vessel‘s “normal” condition, take note of specific areas of attention desired by the owner and to note existing damage and/or pre-existing issues.

Once agreed upon, we will establish a contract between you and cYc, establishing the terms of service. Items such as duration of contract, frequency of visits, expectations and responsibilities on both parts, etc., are all spelled out. The agreed upon checklist is an addendum.


Boat Foresail needs to be wrapped

Foresail needs to be wrapped.

Implementing the Service

Each week (or other frequency agreed upon), and for the duration of the contract, the cYc “caretaker”, or occasionally a substitute employee familiar with your vessel, will conduct a thorough inspection, using the checklist as a guide.

During the inspection he/she will correct minor issues, take note (with photos if appropriate) of problems and email, text or call you – whether everything is ship shape or something needs your attention.

Note: cYc does not endorse specific mechanical, electrical, or electronics contractors. However, we will be happy to provide a list of known contractors and arrange / coordinate service at an additional fee, if desired.


Syd the Watchdog is our cYc mascot

Syd the Watchdog

Cost and Payment Information

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and DISCOVER.

Cost is $3.00 per foot (LOA) per month for weekly visits.

For example: a 40′ vessel = 40 x $3.00 = $120.00 per month.

Hurricane Season Special:
Boat owners who sign up for annual Watchdog Vessel Monitoring Service© are automatically enrolled in our Severe Storm Watch and Vessel Preparation Program©, if desired, at no cost.


Get Started

To learn more or discuss getting started: Call us at (910) 742-0083

or Email us by filling out our Contact form with your email and phone number and we will contact you.


Line tape coming undone from vessel

Line tape coming undone.


Q. Is cYc insured in the event of negligence?
A. Yes, cYc maintains commercial insurance coverage.

Q. Will cYc fix items identified as faulty?
A. cYc is not in the repair business and thus will not perform mechanical, electrical, electronic or hull repairs. However, if we identify a problem where adjustment is necessary, we will, of course do it. We let common sense and good seamanship prevail. For example: in the case of a slightly frayed dock line, we will advise the owner and keep our eye on it. In the event the line appears to be a candidate for failure, we will advise the owner and replace it temporarily until a new line is provided.

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